Real Healthcare Solutions

Promote patient-centered, low-cost healthcare
Iowans are spending more and more on healthcare each year, and yet we’ve seen no real solutions from either side of the aisle in the last decade. The free market is heading in the right direction, but the government is standing in the way with burdensome mandates and regulations. We should be encouraging health insurance to operate much like car insurance—for major emergencies. For more routine care, health savings accounts offer a better option. Along with transparency in costs and cash pricing, HSA’s will get government and insurance companies out of the way of the free market so competition can reduce costs.

Encourage competition in the pharmaceutical industry
The pharmaceutical industry has managed to distort our healthcare system for their benefit, not yours. We want to encourage pharmaceutical innovation, but not at the expense of the American consumer. We need to rebalance our patent system to allow for pharmaceutical advances to be easily accessed by patients at a price that is beneficial to everyone.

Reject politicians’ control of your healthcare choices
Politicians in Washington don’t know more than your doctor. Congress should stop intervening in medical decisions, and restore decision-making to patients and their physicians. You are your own best patient-care advocate, not the federal government.

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