Strong & Ready Military

Maintain focus in foreign policy
Last decade, we recklessly entered unwinnable wars with no clear objective and unnecessarily put thousands of troops in harm’s way. Much of the intelligence that prompted these decisions was false, and 15 years later we are still fighting the same wars. Our troops should only be deployed in situations where our objective is clear and our national security is at risk.

Restore Congressional war authorization
The United States should only go to war with the approval of Congress, but the legislature has consistently deferred on this Constitutional obligation. At this time of heightened international tension, it is critical that Congress retake this Constitutional duty.

Approach every country diplomatically
President Trump has done well by avoiding unnecessary wars where others may have failed. Diplomatic approaches to the Korean and Iranian conflicts have spared the loss of both soldier and civilian lives. The best way to keep our country and service members safe is to approach every situation diplomatically. I would encourage Congress to find diplomatic solutions to international conflicts before authorizing the use of force as a last resort.