Stop Reckless Spending

Pass a balanced budget
Congress hasn’t passed a balanced budget since 1997, and our debt has increased by $15 trillion since then. Before we can begin reducing that debt, Congress must pass a balanced budget. It will not be comfortable, but we must seriously address federal spending, as no amount of tax revenue will pay for our reckless spending.

Restore the 10th Amendment & local control
Too much of our federal spending is because of unconstitutional federal overreach. The 10th amendment defers all powers to the states that are not expressly set forth in the Constitution. By restoring local control, we will see an immediate decrease in federal spending, and can more adequately address our budget imbalance.

Consider solutions like zero-based budgeting & the penny plan
In order to reign in wasteful spending, Congress must take measures to control the amounts of mandatory and discretionary spending available to the federal government. Solutions such as zero-based budgeting would require all agencies to apply for every dollar they spend, effectively eliminating mandatory spending. Conversely, solutions like the penny plan would reduce spending by 1% universally every year until a balanced budget is achieved. Regardless of which solution we choose, federal spending must be made a priority in Congress.