Protect Iowa’s seniors

Protect Iowa’s seniors

Dr. Peters will fight to protect today’s seniors and secure fundamental reforms to serve future generations.

America cannot get its fiscal house in order without dealing with these issues. Social Security and the federal government’s major healthcare programs together already consume half of all federal revenues; and families’ healthcare costs are rising much more quickly than inflation or wage growth.

Dr. Peters is putting forth common-sense, non-partisan solutions to protect all seniors and preserve our safety net for future generations.

Modernize Social Security and Medicare – Our aging population presents unique challenges, but Dr. Peters is 100% committed to maintaining benefits for all current retirees. He’ll work to fundamentally reform the programs for the next generation, to ensure they’re solvent. That includes slowly increasing the retirement age, limiting benefits for some wealthy retirees, and raising the cap on workers’ contributions to those programs.

Unleash the free market in healthcare – As a practicing surgeon, Dr. Peters knows that healthcare is one of the most heavily subsidized and regulated industries in our country. Yet costs continue to rise and many people have fewer options. Dr. Peters has a set of free-market reforms that will help to contain costs and restore choice – even without repealing the Affordable Care Act – including eliminating barriers to competition between insurance companies across state lines, promoting high-deductible insurance plans and health savings accounts, and reforming the pharmaceutical patent system.

True health care reform for Iowa seniors and families

Protect Social Security and Medicare for today’s seniors