Refocus our foreign policy, honor our veterans

Refocus our foreign policy, honor our veterans

As an Army veteran, Dr. Peters understands the need for a strong and ready military. He’ll help reclaim Congress’s power to declare war and refocus America’s foreign policy.

Defense is the most important role of the federal government, but too many politicians in Washington D.C. want to spend our resources on missions that are counterproductive to America’s security.

Support our troops and veterans – The most important commitment we can make to men and women in uniform is to only send them in harm’s way when it’s absolutely necessary and only with adequate support. And when the job is done, Dr. Peters will fight to secure benefits for all of our veterans.

Reclaim Congress’s authority – The United States should only go to war with the approval of Congress, as required by our Constitution. Dr. Peters supports targeted strikes against verifiable terrorist enemies, but only with Congressional approval and public oversight.

Defend civil liberties – Establishment politicians are willing to trade Americans’ liberties for a false sense of security. Dr. Peters will fight to protect the Bill of Rights, restrict mass surveillance, and uphold due process.