Protect Iowa’s Seniors

Protect benefits for today’s seniors
Our efforts to fix our broken system must not endanger the most vulnerable people in our society. Those who paid into the system should not have their benefits ripped out from under them, even while we look for reforms in the future.

Reform the safety net for the next generation
The Social Security Trust Fund is running out of money, and will be insolvent in 2034. There is no politically convenient answer, as any near-term solution will involve compromises for all sides. In the long-term, we need to move towards privatizing retirement planning by encouraging savings over the next generations.

Restore personal decision-making in retirement planning
Parts of my reform plans include health savings accounts and longer-term planning options. By encouraging families to save for retirement living and healthcare expenses, we can reduce the burden placed on the government, and reduce the amount of federal money that is spent on Social Security. Congress should be empowering families to be proactive in their savings, and help support the actions they take to plan for their future.