Liberty for All Iowans

Uphold the Bill of Rights
Our nation was founded on the principles set forth in the Bill of Rights, and our government has ignored their Constitutional obligation to protect these liberties. Legislation such as the Patriot Act and overreaching gun control measures show that our Congressional leaders pay only lip service to the Bill of Rights. I will always put our Constitution first when considering any vote in Washington, and will not vote for bills that unnecessarily infringe on the Constitutionally protected rights of Americans.

End the War on Drugs
The United States has less than 5% of the world’s population but nearly 25% of its incarcerated population, mostly due to the failed war on drugs. Currently, our federal government considers cannabis as dangerous as hallucinogens and heroin, despite repeated evidence to the contrary. To reduce our incarceration rates for non-violent criminals, I support descheduling marijuana at a federal level and giving states the authority to decide their own drug laws.

Protect privacy for all Americans
The federal government gathers enormous amounts of information about ordinary Americans, even those not suspected of wrongdoing. Those data-gathering authorities were passed in the name of national security, but there is little evidence that it’s been effective. In Congress, I will work to protect the 4th amendment and reign in Patriot Act authorities that infringe upon the privacy of Americans.