Level playing field for Iowa families and small businesses

Level playing field for Iowa families and small businesses

Americans are fed up because they can see the economy is rigged against everyday workers and families.

Dr. Peters will fight for common-sense tax and spending reforms and help to unleash the free market and rebuild an economy that works for all Iowans.

Balance the budget with compromises from both parties – Interest payments on the federal debt already consume more than $200 billion each year – more than education, veterans benefits, energy and environmental programs, farm supports, and food stamps – combined. Dr. Peters will pursue fiscally responsible reforms to fix the budget crisis, especially by containing costs for healthcare, entitlements, and defense.

Modernize healthcare and entitlements – We cannot fix the federal budget crisis or give families greater spending power without addressing healthcare and entitlement spending. Healthcare and entitlement programs consume a huge portion of our federal budget, and healthcare costs to families are growing much faster than inflation.

Level playing field for small business and working families – Taxes and regulations are set up to benefit big corporations, while making business more difficult for small businesses and workers. Dr. Peters will fight to make our taxes and regulations more fair for everyone.