Honest Immigration Reform

Secure the Southern border
The Southern border is at the center of our immigration debate. Without securing the border, no other immigration policy matters. Congress has long deferred on this issue, which is one of the most important to Iowa voters. It is time we take steps to secure the border to the best of our ability. Whether this includes a wall or other options, we must be open to all ideas that can efficiently and effectively protect our border.

Promote merit-based immigration
Immigrants are a necessary part of the American workforce, and President Trump is correct that we should promote merit-based immigration. Our system is too complicated and expensive for many hard-working people seeking a better life in America. We need a system that not only punishes those who disrespect our laws, but rewards those who come here the right way.

Enforce sensible immigration laws
Unlike my opponent, I believe in the rule of law and in equal protection and responsibility under that law. Individual cities should not be able to undermine federal immigration policy. Congress should reclaim its immigration authority and enforce sensible immigration laws that encourage people to immigrate legally while penalizing those who do not.