Free and Fair Trade

Reduce trade barriers
All discussions on trade should be handled with the goal of free trade in mind. Iowans are ready to compete in the international market, and are hurt by protective trade barriers that raise prices on Iowa’s middle class and devalue our products on a global stage.

Be a voice for Iowa farmers
In 2016, Iowa exported nearly $11 billion in agricultural goods. We need a Congressman who understands that Iowa’s economy is centered around the agricultural industry, and who is willing to fight for agriculture at the federal level. Iowa agriculture should never be a pawn in trade disputes.

Resolve trade disputes
Because Iowa plays a valuable role in growing the world’s food supply, agricultural production should be protected from political games. When there are legitimate concerns for specific industries, disputes can be handled on an individual basis. I share President Trump’s concerns; however, we need a representative willing to talk to the president about the importance of free trade to Iowa.