Fight Corruption in DC

Require term-limits for career politicians
Incumbent members of Congress have enormous fundraising power, allowing many of them to win re-election over and over for decades. Today, the 10 most senior members of Congress have served a combined 418 years in Congress. Americans would be much better-served by citizen-legislators who serve for shorter periods, rather than career politicians who become too cozy with Washington special interests. Americans overwhelmingly support term limits for federal politicians – not only will I fight to make that happen, I vow to self-impose a limit of five terms.

Represent Iowans, not DC lobbyists
Too many Congressmen defer on their Constitutional duties and let lobbyists and special interests write their bills, and politicians are more than happy to vote party line rather than voting the interests of their district. Iowans deserve a voice in Congress who will represent their interests, not the interests of the Washington establishment.

Commit to a town hall in every county
The second district has nearly 800,000 residents living in over 12,000 square miles. Every corner of this district deserves representation in Congress. If elected, I pledge to hold a town hall in each of the 24 counties every year to ensure every constituent is heard.